How We Work

No hidden charges on any of our loans
We don't charge for missed or late payments, bounced cheques or defaulted card payments. You will only pay back what you agree to when you take out your loan agreement.

Nice and Simple
Within 2 working hours of your enquiry you will receive a short call from one of our friendly team to discuss your loan requirements. By the end of the conversation you will have a decision in principle. Its really that simple.

Our loans work around you
Your loan will be completed with you in your home by a friendly Local Loans agent. If you choose, the repayments can be collected by your personal agent every week at a convenient time chosen by you.
Alternatively we can set up simple automatic payment options so you wont have the worry of missed payment visits.

Our loans start small
We know that sometimes a little is all you need. Our loans range from £200 to £1000 and we conduct affordability checks with each customer so you don’t get into any unnecessary debt. New customers may borrow £200, as we get to know you you may be eligible for more if you need it.

No complicated forms
The application form and loan agreement that you will fill in are simple to understand and don’t take long to complete. We use clear language and everything about our loans is transparent – the last thing we want to do is confuse our customers.